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About me, Priti Sehrawat:

  • Numerologist, Counselor, Author & Public Speaker

  • Chartered Accountant, Controller at company in Solar Energy Industry

  • World traveler & universal friend

  • Explorer with a curious mind inquiring within and outside

  • In transition to the next phase in life

Numerology holds the key to understanding what will truly satisfy your body, mind and soul. Numbers from your numerology profiles will help you in answering the often-asked question, "Is this good or bad for me?". They indicate where your strengths and potential lie not just in career, but in private and social life too. Most importantly, they tell you what your destiny is all about enabling you to work hand-in-hand with the universe, as you start understanding that everything happens at the right time.


In numerology, while the date of birth is most important but the name, which one has some control over, also holds significance.

Get in depth numerology reports from Priti:

  • Know yourself better.

  • Understand what your destiny is all about and enjoy better relationships.

  • Improve your career prospects.

  • Explore hidden talents

  • Tap your creativity and enhance stability,

Do you know who YOU are?

"When you look at yourself in the clear waters of reflection, do you see a true image of yourself? Or are you sabotaging the potential and happiness in your destiny by wearing a mask?"

Numerology: A Divine Messenger Service

A little about my journey.

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I’m happy to host Priti Sehrawat, an international numerologist, and wonderful human being. 

How would you describe your work/path/art to a beginner?
Numerology to me is about understanding, exploring, empathizing, being able to choose (where possible) in an informed manner and making sense out of life’s twists and turns more than anything else. I could compare it partly to the lamps that help shed some light on a path, which may otherwise be completely unknown. Sometimes one is ready for that light and sometimes one is not.

How did this work call you? At what life stage?
At one time I was regularly visiting Barnes & Noble, trying to study some other material and as there was disturbance at home, I needed to be outside in an environment where I felt at ease. While taking breaks from what I was doing, I would wander in the different aisles, picking up a book randomly and skimming the pages. The disturbance at home had raised a lot of questions and confusion in my mind. When I tried to be practical and rational in my thinking, I was unable to find any answers, any clues as to why things were unfolding the way they were. During one such “journey” into an aisle of books, I picked up my first book on numerology, and then another. While reading a few parts, things seem to fit together like a crossword puzzle. Fascinated I finally ended up reading more about numerology than anything else during my trips to Barnes & Noble. This journey picked up speed and I found people and places that helped me understand this metaphysical science so deeply that I could use the knowledge to help others.

Describe your experience of spirituality as a teen/young adult. Discuss your blessings and challenges of that era.
I am from India and in the metropolitan city that I grew up in, there was absolutely no pressure to be religious despite religion occupying such an important place in Indian society. Being Hindu, I sometimes visited the temple with elders and only in school examination days, my mother would insist that I go and pray at the altar set up at home, to seek blessings. What I did enjoy was occasional inner journeys. Some friends would remark that I meditated while I walked. I could go into a deep, inner calm, even while walking from school to home with friends, which I sometimes did. Such ability to find my inner center helped keep me calm, truthful to myself and grounded through the years of being a teenager and young adult. I felt I had more of an obligation to be true to my conscience than to any god.

What’s your blessing to beginning seekers and youth exploring various spiritual traditions, today?
Everyday hug yourself and tell yourself that you love “say your name out aloud”. Truly mean it and believe it. Doing so will help you understand what you are truly happy in—whether it is doing an activity, any relationship you are not sure about or what your intuition says about any circumstance or person. It will also help you guard more easily against any kind of abuse or manipulation as you would be less inclined to allow yourself to be treated that way. Be true to your conscience and listen to your inner voice while remaining practical. Have faith that what unfolds in your life does offer you what you are truly seeking at that time, whether you have understood it or not. Believe in God’s messenger service.


If I had to use a word to describe myself, it would be explorer. I can definitely add many adjectives but in many ways I am more of an explorer than anything else. It is interesting. Till I started writing this short bio, I never tried to describe myself in one word and for that matter, if I used a few words to describe myself, explorer was not used too often before. As I stand at a very interesting juncture in life, I realize I have done so much exploring and there is so much more to be done! I have explored my passions, books, writing, speaking publicly, being of service to others, friendships, relationships, places, cultures, communities, cooking, assuming different roles, fashion, the internet and so much more. Most importantly, at every turn I have reached within me to tap in to the next hidden chamber which revealed a different facet of me!

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Testimonials (for counseling services):

I am just about speechless! I have never had the opportunity to see myself, (literally), "disrobed", "completely uncovered" in such an eloquent and precise way as you have just done! I'm really not over the "overwhelm" of the initial reading. I MUST read it again and again!!! Thanks a million!!!
- 6 Aug 2002 

I will heed your advice this year and with the Lord's help hopefully I will get the chance this time in court to speak up for myself for the injustice that was done during my divorce trial. I will always remember you as my little angel in cyber-space that took the time to encourage me to have more faith in myself. Thank You Priti. - 14 Feb 2003 

Your words are a great comfort to me during this rather overwhelming time of transition. I am feeling more positive each day and feel stronger about taking care of business. My warmest regards and thanks! - 13 Mar 2003 

WOW! I want to thank you so much for your insights! I was incredulous at how accurately you were able to describe the situation and how the numbers fit exactly with what is actually happening in my life at this moment. I feel like crying right now because what you said was exactly what I needed to hear. This has been and continues to be a painful experience for both of us and it helps a lot to know these things about our numerology and it's true impact on everything. - 5 Jun 2003 

I appreciate your words more than I am able to express at this moment. I found your response extra-ordinarily insightful and helpful. I just wanted to thank you and let you know in no uncertain terms that you have touched someone's life with your words in a beautiful way. Thank you so much. - 11 Aug 2003 



Testimonials for counseling services (contd.):

Thanks for giving me such a lovely answer and clearing up my mind about the number 8.- 24 Nov 2003 

I want to thank you for being so honest. Your answer came right at the time that I was ready to let go. - 3 Dec 2003 

Thank you so much Priti - you have been very helpful. I always thought I was a  3 for some reason. The description of a 2, does sound a lot like me  right now. I thank you too for letting me know what the year and next  year may hold. My sincere gratitude once again. I never expected to hear  back personally and so expertly. - 14 Jul 2002

Thank you so much for getting back  to me with this insightful information. Its truly amazing that you are  so on target in a lot of areas. For example, this year being an  emotional year for are so right. I have really enjoyed reading  your forecast and I am sure I will be reading it over and over and also  sharing it with my friends. You maybe hearing from some of them. Again,  thank you very much - 23 Jul 2002 

Thanks for your analysis. It was great for me and my husband. - 5 Aug 2002

Thank you so much for the  information you provided. It is surprisingly accurate. Toward the end of  the relationship, there was definitely a power struggle. - 23 Oct 2002

Wonderful advice!!! Thank you soo much! I feel more at ease with the situation and based on your sound analysis will take time out for some introspection. - 25 Apr 2003

Your reply was marvelous and certainly, it hits the nail on my head regarding my character! I am indeed very much ruled by the predominant '5' and with your advice, I will pay more attention to this and am better prepared to brace myself for any change that comes. Once again, a big thank you. - 12 May 2003

I just want to thank you very much for taking the time to analyze my names and answer my questions in depth. It clarifies some things for me and at least confirms things that I was feeling. I really appreciate your quick response to my situation. - 17 Feb 2004 

Thanks Priti. Actually you have zeroed on the problem areas in our relationship and personalities. I would be working on your advice. - 26 Feb 2004 

Thanks so much for your very helpful reply to my question. I really appreciate the thoroughness of your response, and feel like I can make an informed decision now. After a lot of thought, your insights helped me to make the decision to go forward the new name. - 8 Jul 2004

Thanks a ton! I so appreciate your have read me accurately...the personality traits are bang on correct! You are the expert in your field! Thanks for the's good to know what I will be good at! - 26 Aug 2010

Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading for me! Yes--you are bang on in all what you've said and marriage in particular has made me conventional. I do feel I have not utilized my potential to the fullest and very often than not feel stifled. It feels like I have 2 people within me. I certainly have to balance both the aspects of my personality. - 18 Dec 2010



Introduction to the Numbers by Priti

Shall we walk hand in hand, step by step through the numbers? Allow me to correlate these to the mysteries of life itself. 

The number 1: The totally adorable, creative and original child, full of energy and ready to explore. Ready for anything and concerned with herself, she knows she can achieve whatever she wants to. Stubborn and assertive, she puts her foot down and goes where she wants to go. Independent, she is the pioneer, the inventor and the innovator. She is the leader, the one that others look to for direction. 

The number 2: The older child who has started absorbing the emotional undercurrents in her surroundings, she is sensitive, gentle, concerned and receptive. She seeks to understand a parent's tears, a sibling's protectiveness, a relative's words and a friend's behavior. She is the team player, cooperative, patient and modest, seeking to maintain harmony in all relationships. A romantic, she knows that the world looks better through rose-tinted glasses. And, if it looks better, it is better, isn't it? 

The number 3: The bubbly, effervescent teenager, optimistic, full of life and exuberant, she has an arsenal full of wit, jokes, puns and riddles. Laughter is her companion. Gifted with many talents, there is not a single one that she does not want to delve into. Happy-go-lucky, she needs to spread happiness to others. Artistic, expressive, dramatic, she has the golden voice, the golden words and the golden moves, that can inspire or entertain. 

The number 4: A path in life has been chosen now. She knows it is time to be practical, to work hard and to slowly build the future she has been dreaming about. There is no room for error, every detail is important. Organization is key. Disciplined, enduring and cautious, she values every relationship and seeks to preserve traditions. She has started to understand society's norms and has realized that living a conventional life frees her to build a financially secure future. 

The number 5: She is confident in her skills and abilities. Now, she wants to be free and experience all that life has to offer. Changes are wonderful; they challenge her and she emerges resiliently from every setback sparkling even brighter than before. Sensual, she enjoys adventure. Versatile, she can play many roles. Eager to learn all that is around her, she picks up bits and pieces of information like a sponge, linking them together as only she can do.
The number 6: She has had a lot of fun. She has a career too. Now its time for warm, cozy family settings! Her loved ones rule her heart and mind. She will do all she can to give them the best. Idealistic, she has high standards. Loyalty, trust and harmony are foremost in her mind. A volunteer by nature, she finds fulfillment in serving others. It is impossible for her to bring grief to another. How could she disappoint someone? She lives for others. 

The number 7: Her nest is no longer new. The babies have grown wings and are ready to fly. Her bank balance seems stable enough. Is this all there is to life? Isn't there something else? Now, she thinks. She searches for answers and analyzes every observation, perception and intuition. Logically and meticulously, dissecting each detail, she arrives at the truth flawlessly. The truth might shake her up. But if she deceives herself, how will she ever bring quality and perfection that she desires into her life? 

The number 8: The period of contemplation is over. She has become more powerful than she realizes. She can judge people and events well. She has good financial sense. Tenacious, she is capable of hard work, and can motivate others to work hard as well. She will gain recognition and status. But, what does she want to do? She can be a dynamic businesswoman, a powerful politician or an outstanding sportswoman. Once she realizes that the most intoxicating power of all is love, she will gain strength and achieve whatever she wants to. 

The number 9: She has become so wise. She has learnt so much along the way. It has become imperative to teach, reach out and cheer or help others. Perfection is not for small issues. It lies in honesty, fidelity, ethics, forgiveness and generosity. She knows that true mastery is in being of service. Noble, high-minded and courageous, she speaks frankly from the heart. She is so magnetic that she can touch others' souls with inspiration. A healer, she knows that many are waiting for her and will seek her out. 



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Reviews received for Priti's workshop on 23rd May, 2013 at CSPL, USA:

"WOW...your knowledge & presentation of Numerology is exceptional!"~Rosemary W.K.

"It was quite interesting. Something I never thought I would learn about"~Kathleen L.

"Very enjoyable and informative"~Arlene B.

"You were awesome Priti Sehrawat, what an amazing presence you have----loved the short time I got to be there:)"~Kavita M.

Reviews for Priti's book, "Your Name Reveals Your Nature":

1. This is excellent. I tried seeing if it was some psychological thing, but it wasn't. Slightly amazed.

2. RESPECTED SIR/MAM,                       
    I LIKE 
    MYSELF.......................................RENUKA SURI 

3. S. Kelley Harrell writes:

I've never been able to grasp numerology beyond my Expression Number, which I confess, prior to this book, I didn't really understand. After reading Sehrawat's study of numbers, I definitely have a clearer understanding of my significant numbers, as well as how to gain insight into others. 

Though it's based on specific interpretation of Hindu and Sikh names (which is clearly stated in the book's intro), tools clearly detailed early in the book give enough of a foundation to interpret any English name.

Sehrawat gives insight into the history and path of numerology, as well as the Recurrent numbers, Soul Urge number, and the Persona number. If you've been curious about numerology and wanted to learn more about it, this book details the letters and their meaning, as well as the correlation of significant numbers to their planets. The information is straightforward and easy to understand.


Numerology based Counseling Services

Order a Numerology Report from Priti 

Numerology reports, depending on requirement can cover any or all of the following:

1. Individual personality analysis. This would include besides an understanding of the personality, other important information such as the ruling planets and positive as well as negative attributes of the important numbers, suitable occupations, important years etc. 

2. Relationship analysis. This would give a brief understanding of each individual's personality before going into details of the relationship possibilities, the strengths, areas of concern etc. Relationships could pertain to private, family, social or professional life.

3. Team Analysis. This relates to understanding a "team", which would cover "teams" in connection with business, management teams in any company or in any other professional endeavor and even a family, or a group of friends. The focus here would be to understand the common strengths of the team and the areas of concern after doing some basic personality analysis of all the individuals involved. Team spirit could therefore be given a big boost once everyone understands each other and how they could work/ play/ live better together as a team.

4. Effect of "Temporary Numbers". This report would allow you to understand not only what lies ahead for you, but also the best ways to deal with what's coming your way, from an analysis of the address number, car plate number, phone number etc. The effect of these numbers and what would be attracted will be analyzed, while giving due consideration to the important numbers emerging from the person's date of birth and name.

5. Forecasting. This gives an understanding of the underlying vibrations in the years ahead. 

6. Name Reports. Depending on requirement, this could either include an understanding of the numerological significance of the current name or in case the need is to name a child, an endeavor or a company, you will be able to understand which name would be more suitable. After obtaining numerological interpretation of the various names being considered, you can make a better decision in selecting a name. This report will be useful to even those who are interested in changing their name or who have undergone a name change and are keen to know how the name change affects them. 

7. Do you have a question not covered by any of the reports above? Write to Priti.  


Numbers in your Profile and Alphabets in your Name


Each hold a special place, a unique strength and limitless beauty that finally makes YOU who YOU are!

Extract from Priti's book, "Your Name Reveals Your Nature":

Significance of the letters in the name:


Have you ever wondered how all the letters in your name affect your personality, choices and life? Have you ever wondered how changing one or two letters could affect your personality and life?w changing one or two letters could affect your personality and life?

Each letter has been ascribed certain weaknesses and strengths. When the letter appears more than once, its importance gets emphasized. The first letter, the first vowel and the most recurring letter in the name generally hold more importance than the other letters in the name. However, each letter of a name uniquely contributes to the individual's personality.

Some details on the significance of the letters have been given below. In case of the letter "A", the difference between one A, two As and three or more As has been noted as it is the most commonly used vowel.

"A" indicates will power, perseverance, boldness, self-reliance and initiative. Two As indicate a practical person who has the capacity to think carefully before responding. Three As indicate the necessity to remain grounded and practical.

"B" indicates a homely, hospitable, friendly, nature-loving and emotional person, who may have some firm beliefs and has a parental nature. It is important to remain calm, patient and achieve serenity of mind.

"C" indicates a cheerful person who is quite versatile, impulsive and may be extravagant. It can indicate unfocused and scattered energy. Hence, the person should think long term and focus on a few goals.

"D" indicates a balanced and stable person, who is determined, enduring and has good business ability.

"E" indicates an exciting life full of changes. It indicates intelligence, versatility and strong communication skills. The person needs to develop caution and practicality as this letter can make him impulsive.

"F" indicates a domestic, amicable, warm hearted, compassionate and friendly person. It indicates an individual who is very organized and shoulders responsibilities well.

"G" makes the person interested in religion and mysticism. It attracts the qualities of strong will, imagination, intuition and discipline.

"H" has the elusive Midas touch. However it is also considered a karmic letter and hence the person should be careful in his actions and behavior. It indicates an independent person who can easily attract extremes in wealth and power. 


"I" indicates a person gifted in one or more artistic talents and one who has a good sense of style. The person can be very caring, considerate, humane and intuitive. It also makes the person desirous of freedom and independence.

"J" is full of material and spiritual aspirations. It attracts leadership roles and qualities of honesty, benevolence, brilliance and innovation. It is necessary to be selfless and helpful to others, in order to retain good fortune.

"K" represents extremes in health, wealth and spirituality. It also indicates versatility, sensitivity, creativity and idealism. The person is blessed with endurance, power and leadership, which should be used correctly. It should be realized that true mastery is in being of service. 

"L" can be a leader as it stands for action and executive ability. It indicates travel and bestows qualities of generosity, morality, balance, honesty and intelligence. It also increases importance given to completing any projects/ ventures undertaken.

"M" indicates a hard working person who is blessed with great endurance to face the hardships in life. The person has strong spiritual leanings, is intuitive and finds peace and happiness in family life and security. 

"N" brings vivid imagination, which can encourage creativity and inspiration. The person gives importance to enjoyment of worldly pleasures and should be careful to remain positive and realistic. When it occurs more than once, it is imperative that the person guard himself against getting envious, jealous or covetous.

"O" indicates a frank, methodical, patient and determined person who believes in law, system and order. The person proves to be a good student and quick learner. Prayer can bring peace of mind, help and inspiration to those having the letter "O" in their name.

"P" brings power of communication. It makes the person realistic, intelligent, knowledgeable and clear-sighted. It also attracts affluent and powerful alliances. The person will have to guard against a dominating nature and impatience.

"Q" is for the leader, but with more influence, sway and determination. The person gains strength in enigmatic and mysterious ways. Creativity and strong feelings run high. The person should be careful not to get overly self-absorbed.

"R" indicates a tolerant, active, kind and considerate person who wants to help mankind. The person will have to guard against getting over-sensitive and short-tempered.

"S" attracts beginnings, fresh starts and wealth. It also bestows endurance. The person is spiritually intense and is capable of very strong and ardent feelings. It is necessary to guard against rash behavior. 

"T" tends to control others and it becomes necessary to learn self-control. It indicates a very energetic, authoritative, creative person who has a strong sense of values and morals. Spirituality is important and in fact will help bring protection.

"U" indicates receptivity to ideas and thoughts. It also indicates a collector: this could mean collector of tangible material artifacts or intangible treasures such as knowledge and education.

"V" stands for forthrightness, firm beliefs, honesty, strong friendships and industriousness. It brings loyalty, emotionality and possessiveness. It is necessary to remain practical and bring balance in emotions.

"W" is charming, sociable, expressive, intuitive and perseverent. The person should guard against getting too selfish or taking too many risks and short cuts.

"X" can be over indulgent. In the positive it indicates a receptive person, eager to learn. In the negative, a life of luxury, comforts and thrills is constantly sought. The sensuous side of life is given too much importance.

"Y" wants freedom. It dislikes restraint of any kind. It attracts changes and once the choice is made, there should be no looking back. It indicates an enterprising, progressive, philosophical nature. There is a love for beauty.

"Z" has more hope, is humane, gentle, understanding, grounded and represents a diplomat. The person is discreet and perceptive. The person should guard against impulsive behavior and impatience.

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Please give all necessary details needed in contact form below. Please note that based on reports needed and particulars given, fees will be charged which can be paid via paypal. Only on complete payment, reports will be prepared and sent to email address in contact information below. If details sent with report request have changed, any additional reports requested will be considered as new reports. Please give reasonable time for reports to be prepared as these reports are prepared personally by Priti. 

This is the only site via which Priti Sehrawat takes orders for numerology reports and counseling services )numerology based).

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The numbers referred to in this page mainly refer to the destiny number (calculated from complete date of birth). Depending on the age of the person, the day of birth number (from the date--not month or year) and name number may also be important.

Each hold a special place, a unique strength and limitless beauty that finally makes YOU who YOU are!

If you are a 1: You can achieve distinctive position in life, if you use your talents wisely. Develop self-control, grow love in your heart and remember that though you are leaders, you need others to help you work your way to the top. Independence will come your way, recognize this is an asset as it allows you to focus on your true dreams and desires.

If you are a 2: You have the ability to see both sides of any situation and your desire for harmony is so strong that you are a natural diplomat. Bring balance in your emotionals, channel intense emotions into creative interests, voice your feelings and above all, have faith. It is imperative you realize that unless you respect your feelings, nobody else will. 

If you are a 3: Most gifted with exceptional expression skills, the need for creative communication may be so great that other important issues or underlying currents may be overlooked. You may find it very difficult to express your emotions. Once you learn to release your emotions whilst respecting others' sensitivities, you can apply your boundless imagination to exciting endeavors, which can lead you to shining center stage moments. 

If you are a 4: Uranus, the ruling planet for this number is considered by some to be the "Eureka" planet. You, one of the most down-to-earth persons, can be a specialist in your chosen profession. You are capable of highly detailed work. However, in your desire to be always practical, you may suppress flashes of intuition…which in fact, could lead you to your well deserved "Eureka" moment. Once in a while, skip the routine, step back and re-assess the direction in which you want your life to go.

If you are a 5: What you may not realize is the creative energy and state of high alert sparked off when your senses and curiosity are aroused. In the positive, this might mean a new interest or skill picked up quickly and with relative ease. In the negative, you could resort to overindulgence or escapism via food, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. Self-discipline, positive use of freedom, adapting to change without reluctance and conscious realization of the reasons for confusing behavior become very important in order to make better choices. 

If you are a 6: You find great fulfillment in serving others. Don't forget to cultivate your inherent artistic talents, as these will calm and soothe your soul, when despite your best efforts, there is disharmony in your relationships. When you cultivate such creative interests, there will be less emphasis on attracting happiness from family alone. This, in turn, will bring a required balance, in the amount of importance you attach to harmony and self-sacrifice expected in family relationships.

If you are a 7: You are a dignified, elegant, and truth-seeking philosopher. Don't be scared of your dreams. You may be clairvoyant and that may frighten you. Walk through the path, deal with your demons, and then you will realize the extraordinary gift you possess. Don't deny truths that you instinctively feel, however absurd they appear to be. Remember that everything is possible. 

If you are an 8: The number 8, which stands for big business, power, recognition, social status, material success and aggression, is normally not associated with sensitivity. But in fact great depths of emotion are buried within this number. When a number 8 person is balanced, she is discriminating, good at judging people and events, and uses sensitive tact and diplomacy to get what she wants. To reach this pinnacle of awareness, she has to first respect her own and others' emotions. When such feelings are not acknowledged, consciously or unconsciously she becomes aggressive, seeking power by force. 

If you are a 9: You are the universal friend and gentle albeit brave healer, who does not bother with culture, lifestyle, color or materialistic differences. Seeking perfection in higher matters may become so important that day-to-day practical necessities are overlooked, leading to problems or confusions in close relationships. Do remember to feather your own nest and spend private time with loved ones. The greatest tests for you may lie in the area of 
forgiveness. But, what you may need to learn most of all is the ability to forgive yourself for any imperfection you see in your own personality or life. Remember that no one is perfect.

If you are an 11: "11" which is considered a master number needs careful understanding as the person vibrates between the double dose of the confident, aggressive, ambitious and independent 1 and the quieter, more submissive and peaceful 2. At times obstinate and stubborn, you can suddenly become very emotional and passive too. Your own behavior may confuse you immensely and make others wonder as well.

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